Dinner Night 1

Shepards pie

Was what we had for dinner  last night . My self and my wife and oldest(7) like it for the most part but our  youngest (5) didnt she doesnt like her food to touch and mashed potato.  She hates mashed potato so Yeah we have  A PICKY  EATER. We need help on what we need to do to get her to try new food.

Hope you like my comfort food!

Shepards pie recipe:

1.5lbs of ground beef  (brownedand drained good)

Half of big can of cream of chicken

3lbs potato (peels and chunck)

2 cans  cut green beans

2 cups mozzrella shredded cheese 

1 cup Milk

6 table spoons butter

1/2 table spoon  garlic powder 
Brown your meat , then drain. Then in a bown mix the cream of chicken . And Set aside

Peel and chunk your potato then boil   on medium/high with water with a pinch of salt till tender about 10-15 drain and put in bowl beat with mixer until all potato crumbed then add buter mix then milk slowly add garlic powder and mix then set aside

Drain the grean beans  heat on medium. In a frying  pan till warm

In a baking dish 

First layer ;

Meat mixture

Second layer;

spread green bean carefullyand evenly

Third layer;

Mashp potato into a mound or even to top of pan .

Fourth and final layer;

Mozzarella  cheese sprinkled generously 

Broil in 550 degree oven for 10 mins 

Pull out oven let rest for 5 minutes

Then enjoy!!

Dream big!

If looks

“If looks could kill we would all be dead” is said by almost everyone  these days . I know its not ment to be taking seriously. But looks do kill , kills ones emotions, dignity, and feeling. Most of all all them looks are what make unsecured pepole loose there minds. I feel like it is bullying indirectly   bybjust saying it . Because if you think what your friend is feeling or thinking  while they are looking at someone like they do ,means you feel the same. So to me its bullying  one way or another . Thats just one of my rants for now soon ill be more . Peac love and always hope .  Just smile it will get better.